Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's kind of funny I posted that last night because this morning I received my note from the universe and it said...
True, you can't see what you can't see, Emma, you can't hear what you can't hear, and you can't feel what you can't feel. But still, you can know that you're not alone, that you're adored, and that absolutely everything will continue to work out for your very best, as it always has. It's built into your DNA.
-The Universe

Made me feel a tad bit better. I wish I would have thought of it while I was at work. It feels like the week will never end and the weekends go too fast.
I've been kinda frustrated too because the plugs I ordered on the 15th still haven't even been shipped. It's almost October pretty much. I had a feeling this was going to happen, too.

So tomorrow night after work I have to book the hotel for the gear heads weekend. I know it's only 45 minutes away, but I'll be up there Friday night, then have to drive home, drive back up Saturday morning, drive home Saturday night, drive back up Sunday morning and drive back home Sunday night. It's a little over $100 for two nights and to me that is more worth it than the hassle of going back and fourth six times. Plus I'm getting my own room so I don't have to be woken up before I need to and can go to bed whenever I want. I kind of want to dress up for the little trick or treat thing they're having in something scary, but I've already got my costume and it's so not track appropriate, not to mention I'd freeze my ass off. I'm thinking about getting something cheap though anyways. It'd be fun I think. I feel like I haven't been up at the track in forever, and it's kind nice though it means the end of racing season pretty much.

I don't know, it's been such a good Summer for the most part and I still don't want to face that it's over. I love the warm weather, the sun in my face. I love being able to walk around in flip flops and not worry about if I'm going to crash my car because of the snow and ice.

I'm really not looking forward to this wedding anymore. I just realized that I am going to have to go there myself, and pretty much be by myself the whole time because Chris is going to be in the wedding party. Could it get any more awkward? Well I guess not but I just don't have a good feeling about this anymore. Hopefully it goes okay though.

I really can't think of anything else I wanted to post right now but I'm sure I'll have something interesting soon.


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