Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm thinking...

This place needs a new look. I'm gonna work on that either later today or tomorrow. (:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you and you're welcome.

I got the Kanye West book "Thank you and you're welcome" for valentines day as you saw in one of my older posts. I still haven't finished it all but there are so many inspirational things in there. Believe it or not. I wanted to post one or two.

"To most people 'to use someone' carries a negative connotation, but I don't see it that way. To 'miss', 'over' or 'ab' use someone is negative. To use is necessary and if you can't be used...then you're useless."

"Would you rather have 100% from an average person or 10% from someone who is outstanding?"

"2 keys 2 happiness. One.. being able to tolerate things that make you unhappy. Or two... being able to change things to make you happy. Now if you have a low tolerance and don't have the ability to create change, there's a good chance you will be unhappy."

"Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness."

"The missing banister theory. When walking down the street, you can walk in one line perfectly without ever falling over. Now take that same city block, make it a foot wider, and then put it a hundred stories high. You're going to be so focused on the fact that you don't have a banister, that you're more likely to fall because of it. When you're so focused on what you don't won't have. Isn't it interesting how one thing changes everything?"

Running on empty.

So this past weekend was pretty eventful. After getting home from shopping with my sister, I thought about cleaning up my room but doing it the next morning just sounded a whole lot better. I was exhasuted but I stayed up till about 1:30 am, I think?

Saturday I got up an hour earlier than I had even planned and started getting ready for the day and cleaning. Early in the afternoon, I got a shower and got all done up. Went to the bank, got gas, got my car washed (though the weather is still so crappy it looks like I didn't!) and picked up Erin. Dropped her off at Shaun's then got my boy. We headed back to my house for my little sister's 17th Birthday family party. I think it wen't pretty well for it being the first time he met my parents. People started leaving and the only ones left were my cousins. We had planned on going shoe shopping then to the movies, but I took too long to get ready and we just made it for the movie.

Anna's birthday cake from Costco. The moouse in the middle was the only part I really liked.

She's cheesin.

Skylar with Kayley and I.

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Skylar and Kayley.

Travis can't even keep his eyes open. :/

Much better.

So we went to go see Shutter Island after the party and I thought it was pretty awesome. I guess everyone has their opinions though.

Sunday I met Travis' parents because they came over that morning to bring him money and stuff. After that I had to fly and pick Erin back up then head home for Adam's Confirmation party. The food was awesome, but I was so embarassed, I fell asleep on the table, because I hadn't really slept the night before. They had a juggler and everything, that was REALLY neat.

Well, hope everyone else weekend went good too!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Funday Friday.

After a day that felt never ending at work, I finally got to go home and amazingly my Alice in Wonderland shadow box came in already. I can't believe it was that quick. It's so cool. I still can't decide if I want to use it or keep it nice at least for the time being.

Anna and I went dress shopping today. I got her a dress to wear to the banquet next week as a birthday present. It's very cute. I got the same one, but I'm wearing it out for my birthday in April. I also got a very cute pair of heels on clearance for $30. I don't have a picture of them yet but when I wear them next week hopefully I will.

Here's some of what we tried well more me...

I can't wait to get my camera back tomorrow.
I also put in my opal plugs in the bigger size. I'll have to show them off too. (;

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I am currently enjoying.

Things I've been enjoying lately. It's been a while.

My iPod.

Since I had gotten Sirius radio, I haven't used my iPod much in my car. I'm totally loving my iPod again because I use it at work all the time. Sometimes I just want to tune everything out. Thanks to this, I can. (:


I really want to find myself an instant camera. I've seen them before just can't remember where.


I really wishing it was. I'm so sick of the snow and the cold and driving on slush and ice.

Anything Modern.

Self Explanatory.

Shutter Island.

So pumped for this movie. One of the two I am really looking forward to this year and I'm going to see it with the boyf on Saturday night.

Having my nails done.

This way they don't get all gross and short and it's bad enough the winter is making my hands dry. At least my nails look good. And no, those aren't mine.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For some reason...

Blogger won't let me comment anywhere. UGH.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alice In Wonderland.

So if you don't know, I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay. I absolutely love their eyeshadow and anything else of theirs I decide to try. Well as I was just surfing the internet today, I realized that they had come out with a limited edition shadow box that was Alice in Wonderland themed. One other thing you might not know is I grew up watching Alice, and I am so excited for the new movie. I go to try and check this out and see if I can buy it. Little did I know that these shadow boxes sold out in 24hours after they came out. I usually don't use Ebay, but I thought I'd take my chances on it. I got one for about $80 which was one of the cheapest that had been up for bidding. Anyways, I was so excited about getting this that I did my makeup all cute (I guess) with my current shadow box. It didn't turn out the way I planed because their Primer Potion in SIN makes the eyeshadow go on lighter or something to that effect and doesn't cover as well. Here's the final product.

I used:
Bare Minerals MATTE foundation in Light.
Bare Minerals all over face color in warmth.
Urban Decay Primer Potion in SIN.
Urban Decay shadow in Peace and blended into Shag at the end.
L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara.
Urban Decay Brow Box in Honey Pot.
Covergirl brow liner in Midnight Brown.
CO Bigelow Lemon and pomegranate lip cream.

Awh, I can't wait for this.

Life update, I guess.

A lot has happened since I last updated on anything really. I'm trying to remember where I left off so please forgive me if this is a little sparatic.

So after snowpocalypse '10 hit our house, I made a snow angel. I thought this was cute so here is the finished product. I don't even have snow pants that's how unprepared in the cold weather I really am.

And that's my sister and I sledding.

After about 15 minutes it lost all it's fun and I got bored. Went back inside and pretty much didn't leave till I had to go to work Monday morning. The roads were HORRIBLE, but I made it there and back thankfully unharmed.
The weather didn't let up till about Thursday. We got hit again pretty bad on Wednesday so I called of work. I wasn't risking wrecking into something out there.

The weekend finally came around and even though it was SO cold outside it was really nice to get out. Friday we had a luau themed day to "break the winter blues" But really I think it was an excuse to eat and later drink. After work, they had a happy hour at D'imperios. Which was paid for by the big guys. It was super nice and I had a really good time. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. After it got a little late, around 9, I left to go to Travis' since last weekend got totally ruined.

Saturday I got my nails done, which they needed done soooo badly. They're a purple-ish pink with a shiny luster sort of thing above the tip. I always get them french style. Anyways, After it took about 2 and a half hours for my sister and I to get our nails done/filled, we went to my aunt's house.

Saturday is Kayley (my god daughter/cousin)'s First Birthday. She is adorable and they got her a smash cake that she hardly touched, which is amazing for her because she eats anything in sight 24/7 no exaggeration. I stayed over there till most people left and then grabbed my things real quick and headed out. Unfortunately I left my camera at my Aunt's house. I wish I had it because there are such cute pictures of Kayley on there & her cupcake cake!

Sunday, Valentines day, I got to spend with my valentine. I hate all that cliche stuff, but this is the first time I've ever had a valentine on valentines day. I went and picked up Travis all early. We had lunch at Red Lobster and then went to the mall to pass time before the movies. I told him he had to pick out his own vday present because I wasn't totally sure what to get him. Needless to say he got something I would have gotten him anyways, but still. After we wasted some time we went to Carmike to watch The Wolfman. Pretty good flick I must say. We then headed back to the mall to make the final decision on the present and to visit Amber since she was working. After that got boring we went back to his apartment and watched Chapelle's show for a bit and then I had to trek it back home.
I also got this little gem for Valentines day as well. AND it's out of print, too. (:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I don't reallly

I don't really get how this is popular and I doubt anyone will ask me questions, but I made a formspring.

Also, how come on the day I WANT it to snow another foot, it doesn't but on the days I don't we get two. Mother nature I officially hate you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm baaaack.

I guess I'm going to kind of have to make this short and sweet since it's already past my bedtime.

This weekend has been kinda crazy. I had plans to spend the weekend with this boy I've been crushing on for the last month. Welll, mother nature wasn't having that and decided to drop 2 feet of snow on Pittsburgh in one night. So needless to say I wasn't too thrilled about that. Saturday I pretty much was super lazy, went sledding for like 10 min, then went back to being lazy. I made a snow angel, I can't wait for my mom to put up the pictures so I can post one on here.
Hoping the snow wasn't as bad on Sunday I made plans to go to Travis'. My car was still buried Sunday afternoon. I give up. I'm so over winter it's not even funny. I can't believe I haven't left my house since Friday morning either, I feel like I'm having cabin fever. Not to mention I feel like I didn't even get a weekend off and it's back to work. I need to move somewhere warm.

On the bright side, I tried on the dress I got from Charlotte Russe again, and it just made me love it more. I can't wait till the weather breaks and I can wear it out, or even the end of the month so I can wear it to the banquet. I need to get more things like this. And the best part was that it was only $15! I'm not sure how I feel about that certain necklace, but I have time to find a different one since I'm not wearing it till the 27th. What do you think?