Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini Vacation.

I had planned on making this post after memorial day weekend, but things have been a little not so good lately, and I kinda slacked off. I might actually post a few different posts tonight. So with the long weekend, I sort of took a vacation. My dad and sister drag race at PRP. A local drag strip near our house. We rented a hotel because it's an hour away and that would just be a pain driving back and fourth every day from Friday to Monday. Anyways, we get up there Friday night thinking it's just a normal night. Make it a couple rounds, hang out with some friends and go back and do it again the rest of the weekend. Well, it didn't really work out that way. My dad kept winning rounds, and we made it to the finals! We were there till about 2 am and it was so worth it. I'm so proud of him. It was such a good time too. The rest of the weekend went pretty well. We didn't make it as far, but it was still a good time. And I have pictures from the win!

My sister, mom, dad and I.

The group. (:

My dad with the best pit crew ever, pretty much.

Oh and another thing. My sister sprained her ankle the week before, so she pretty much was the butt of all jokes the weekend too. It was a good time though. We put her in a scooter on our Wal-Mart run.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


At the beginning of April I had started a savings competition with a co worker. I had originally had the idea for the beginning of the year as a new years resolution. It was harder than I thought to over come my spending/shopping addiction. I have hardly bought as many shirts/jeans/jewelry as I had last year. I'm so proud of myself. I know it may not seem like much but I feel like things are finally coming together.

I went to the bank today to open a savings account and ended up opening a virtual wallet. Seemed like a better choice, and I really hope it works out and I don't just spend the money I'm saving. In the past two months I've put $500 in there, and as long as I put in $150 a paycheck, I'll reach my October goal, but I plan on doing more than that just to prove I can do it.

Other than that it's been a really crappy day and my baby is sick, so I'll probably end up spending my Saturday at home, playing the Sims3. Sounds fun, right?

At least tomorrow we get to spend some quality time. I feel like I haven't seen him in forever. That's all for now. (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long time gone.

I feel like I haven't been on here in forever. I always check it but never have the motivation to post. This will probably be huge just to catch up, but oh well. Bear with me, please. (:

My Birthday was at the end of April. Every thing since that has been a real blur. My work best friend's birthday was the beginning of May. We went out for that, and I ended up in the hospital that night with stomach problems. It's been on and off since then, but it's getting better now.

To be honest, I can't even remember what I last blogged about.

Last Monday, I went to see Monday Night RAW in Pittsburgh. (I had gotten the tickets for Travis as a birthday present in March.) I thought I was going to hate it but I had a really good time! We got to walk right past Flavor Flav on the way in. Not a huge fan, but something neat.

Racing has started so my weekends are going to be packed! Last weekend Anna was out first round, and dad made it to 3rd. For not racing all winter and not having first round start till 9pm, and being there since 10:30am, it was a long run. My dad got his car painted over the winter and all he got was compliments on it. Compared to last year it looks so much better!

Before. (Just primer)


I still haven't gotten back on my diet, and my tan is fading, but I have been doing decent at saving money. Not great, but I'm getting there. With that said, I haven't planned a vacation this summer, because I'd rather save. How sad is that? Maybe sometime near Christmas for a tropical vacation. I think yes. (:

Well, I'm going to finish up watching the hills and I hope you all are doing well! I plan on posting more soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I recently purchased a Magicsuit from Victoria's Secret. I had been looking for a more 50's style one piece and most of the bathing suits I found ranged from $100 to $150. As I was searching and pretty much coming up short for what I wanted I came across the magic suit from Victoria's Secret. It sucks you in, I believe it says two sizes, to me it didn't look that much but it still sucked me in. It is somewhat pricey. $150, but I got about $30 off for spending so much, it took off all the shipping and about $10 more dollars. It ran pretty small so I ended up having to get a size bigger than I wear. But I'm quite impressed and can't wait to show it off in the next month or so. I also got it in Eggplant, not black.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I totally forgot how cute this movie was. I need to watch it again sometime soon. Brings back memories, that's for sure.

credit weheartit