Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I recently purchased a Magicsuit from Victoria's Secret. I had been looking for a more 50's style one piece and most of the bathing suits I found ranged from $100 to $150. As I was searching and pretty much coming up short for what I wanted I came across the magic suit from Victoria's Secret. It sucks you in, I believe it says two sizes, to me it didn't look that much but it still sucked me in. It is somewhat pricey. $150, but I got about $30 off for spending so much, it took off all the shipping and about $10 more dollars. It ran pretty small so I ended up having to get a size bigger than I wear. But I'm quite impressed and can't wait to show it off in the next month or so. I also got it in Eggplant, not black.


  1. i have one of these!
    it has the straight top thought because i am REALLY chesty.
    i have had it for 3 years, and am still in love it though. it is damaged easily from spas though!

  2. I was so excited to get it. Haven't been able to try it out yet though.
    I am too, that's why I got a size bigger than I needed. Didn't want to have a Janet Jackson!

    I didn't see any with straight tops when I was looking.
    I'll have to make sure to take care of it after swimming.