Sunday, September 13, 2009

So I haven't posted much lately. I feel like there hasn't been much to really post about. This weekend was not too bad. I was miserable on Friday from working overtime. I went home and laid around all night. Which is a good thing because it was payday and I wasn't out spending my money.
I'm finally done with paying my car insurance till December. Thaaank god. Two months off. WooHoo.
Saturday I went to the track. I had planned on going out after but my dad was going good and I'm superstitious about that stuff. He made it two quarter finals and won a little bit of money. I can't wait till we take it all the way one night.
I spent most of the day with Linda and Sabrina. She is so cute. She was drawing on my EnV touch pretty much all day/night and taking pictures of everyone. She is going to be a character when she gets older.
Sunday was my lazy day. I gathered up my clothes and pretty much laid around all day. I think I have way too many outfits for my own good. Yet I never have anything to wear. Nothing else good to blog about I guess.


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