Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I want Thursday.

I think most of us would like more of that.

-More sleep/better sleep.
I'm tired of waking up a million times in the middle of the night, tossing and turning due to an uncomfortable bed and or bad dreams. Though I can't do much about the nightmares, I did get a new bed. Hopefully that will make things better.

-To go to the movies.
I used to see movies all the time with various friends. I even got $50 worth of AMC gift cards for my birthday. I think I've used it once since then. How much sense does that make. I would so go see a lot of movies that are in theatres now or are being released soon.

-To be in love.
I don't care how corny that sounds. I want something real. I'm tired of all the bullshit.

-A dog.
Either a Great Dane

Or a Beagle.

-To be happier.
I think that's pretty self explanatory.


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