Monday, March 22, 2010

It's been a while.

Today is officially one month away from my birthday. Not a big one, 22 years, but I'm pretty excited I must say.

Oh blogger, I apologize for not posting much lately. I've had a decent amount of stuff going on, you see. I've had Both of my cousins' birthdays. Kayley turned on in February, which I believe I posted about. Skylar just turned 10! I feel like I'm getting so old now. I've been planning Travis' birthday weekend. Well Saturday since he's going home Friday and wrestlemania is Sunday. I also went to Ohio with my him for the weekend. I've pretty much been spending weekends over there, so that takes away a lot of my computer time. When I'm not spending time with the friends, family and boyfriend, I play a lot of this....

Yeah, my computer manages to delete the current game every two weeks or so, and I have to start over. I guess that's why I play so much.

Most importantly though, my dad got his dragster painted this weekend. I really wasn't too fond of the orange, but it's growing on me. It just makes me super excited for racing season, that's for sure. Only about a month to go till it starts.

well anyways, I really do plan on updating sometime this week. Hopefully sooner than later.


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