Friday, January 8, 2010

Up and down, and up and down.

I know I really don't have many followers, but I'd just like to apologize for not updating in a while. It hasn't even really been hectic, I've just not been able to think of just one thing to blog about.

Work has been work, usual drama and we've been getting done early, which is nice. Got to actually leave early because of the weather yesterday and today. I hope it stops snowing tonight so that I can go tanning tomorrow morning. I'm going out tomorrow night and I'm tired of being super pale, so I'm spray tanning. I did it for Halloween and it looked pretty good, I think. That'll put off me buying an actual package for a little while longer. And I have a coupon for this time. SCORE!

Unfortunately, I have to cut this entry short because I'm about to fall asleep, and I'm going to have way better ones for you tomorrow. (:


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