Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why can't the weekends be five days long and work days be two?

It's the end of the weekend already and for once I'm actually wishing it was still the weekend. A lot of times I really just don't care because I never really do anything. I actually went out with some Kohl's girls last night as well as taking Trista out for the first time since she's been 21, pretty much. Even though I don't work there anymore it's still nice to spend some time with them. (: I'll post some pictures too.

A weird thing happened to me though while I was getting ready. I hate to admit this but ever since I started dying my hair darker, my eyebrows never matched. I'll never dye them and I really didn't notice it till it was pointed out, but anyways I started having to color them in. Well I colored them in like I normally did, and for some reason in pictures they look GRAY! Has this ever happened to you? Another thing it may have been is that I went spray tanning that same day. Who knows, I just thought it was weird it looked fine in the mirror and on camera it got all weird.

Enough rambling, picture time!
Ps. Starting weight watchers soon. : D

See what I mean! Trista and I.

The girls, minus Jackie, because she left early, and Brittany too.

The girls, minus Shannon but plus Brittany.

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