Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unlike her, I was there for you through the tough times, when you actually needed a best friend. Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you anymore, maybe it never did. But it meant a lot to me, you meant a lot to me, & you still do.

"just tell me why I was never good enough. I think you owe me at least that much. after all the months of second guessing and falling down, you owe me this. so before you go run of to your pretty little new girlfriend, look me in the eyes and tell me why after I nearly killed myself.trying to be perfect for you, I still never really lived up to your expectations"

Better odds await the faint of heart. I've got a new disaster to start, I'm gonna make my day. Way too deep to cash out now, upside down and inside out. I never knew it was not okay. It's a neverender.

"Look, Finn, I have lived in a lot of places and I've met a lot of people and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that some people will always find a way to feel like they're better than everyone else around them. It sounds like Kayla is one of those people. She doesn't get that just because you have different experiences . . . because you like one thing and she likes another, that doesn't make her better. It just makes the two of you different. And if she thinks she's better than you, then she is just wrong. And not worth it."

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