Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17th, 2009.

So last weekend was pretty hectic and I had a ton of fun. Friday night I went to go get a new Blackberry but after waiting about 45 min for someone to wait on us, I was told if I didn't wait till Sept. 2nd I wouldn't get $50 off and I'd have to pay an extra $20 for upgrading early. Needless to say I didn't get the tour just yet. September 2nd I will be down there though, FOR SUREE. After that we stopped to see Ashley at Omaha Steaks and I spent the rest of the night at home. FUN.
Saturday I went bed shopping with mom, not getting into it because I'm pretty sure I already did once before. Saturday night was probably the most fun I've had in a while.
Which A: Shows how lame I am.
B: Shows I need to get out more
and C: Shows I need to find new people to go out with.

Didn't go to sleep till about 5:15 am and woke up around 6:50 am. Felt a little sick, so I got my stuff and drove home. Showered and in bed by 7:45 am and got a gooood sleep.
Laid around all Sunday and didn't go to sandcastle.
Today was the usual. Work then came home. I Didn't go to the gym because it was hot as hell and who knows if they put the air conditioning on. That's okay though because Amanda and I are going out for a funhall walk/catch up session in about an hour.

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