Sunday, August 30, 2009

So the weekend is already over. I hate how the days off go so fast and the days you work are so slow. This weekend was actually pretty nice. Friday I went shopping and I was supposed to go out with Mark but I dunno what happened and we didn't go out. Saturday I went down to southside with Chris, his room mate and some of his friends. It was actually pretty fun. I think I have a love hate relationship with that place. Anytime before I head down there, I dread it. After I'm there I have such a good time it was worth it.

So I'm starting to save for an apartment now. It won't be much but it will still be more than if I wasn't trying. I'm putting off getting more of my back done till I start saving more. I guess I'm trying to be a little more responsible.

I want to put my ring back in my nose, but I have so much trouble when my nails are done getting that thing in. Good thing I'm getting my nails taken off soon. I'm also going to be a red head after work tomorrow. I'm pretty pumped about that. I wanted it last time but we didn't do it bright enough. This time I'm going all out.

I don't know it seems like I've been in such a better mood lately and everything is going well, and yet I still let certain people upset me. When I know what they say isn't true and I don't care what they think about it anyways. I love how people try and talk to me like they know what they're talking about too, because 98% of the time, they don't.

I don't know why but this is one of my most favorite pictures I've taken. I just found it on my old computer.

I think we're having a party next weekend for labor day. fucking right.

I gotta get to bed, it's a school night. :[


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